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ECD développement2

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1 ECD développement2 le Mer 10 Fév - 10:22

Séminaire ECD développement
Lecture de textes
Salle Lombard
96 Bd Raspail

Transmitting the past to the future :
an ontological consideration on tradition and modernity

by Augustin BERQUE

Abstract – The reigning model of development is unsustainable on three grounds : 1. Ecologically, because of its disproportionate ecological footprint; 2. Ethically, because it entails growing inequalities; 3. Aesthetically, because it disrupts landscape. Its antidote is preservation, but this only produces more incoherence between what is preserved and what is not, thus aggravating unsustainability. This is due to the fact that, whereas tradition preserved ways of being, modernity preserves objects, which are turned into consumption goods, the growing consumption of which (e.g. by tourism) still aggravates the unsustainability of the modern way of life. It appears that, while transmitting objects from the past to the future, the modern way of being is, as Heidegger put it, a “Being toward death” (Sein zum Tode),with no perspective beyond the death of the individual. This ontological contradiction, which is proper to modernity, is unsustainable on the long run. Beyond modernity, we have to pave the way to a new stage in the history of Being, which Watsuji termed “Being toward life” (sei e no sonzai). This ontological revolution is the basic condition of a sustainable world.

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