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1 ECD Développement5 le Mar 23 Fév - 20:10

Séminaire ECD développement
Lecture de textes
Salle Lombard
96 Bd Raspail

Capital, Credit and Enterprise in the Industrial Revolution
Peter Mathias

Considerable revaluation has recently occurred in assessing the role of capital in the Industrial Revolution in late-eighteenth century Britain. Although much of the present article is concerned with microeconomic relationships, in the firm or the locality and region, these reassessments have also applied to more aggregative judgments about capital in the economy. Expressed very crudely, much of this revision stems from the implications of two contrasting features of the eighteenth-century economy, which the flow of research has been revealing: the extent of savings being produced in the economy, both prior to industrialisation and during its initial phases, and the modest capital demands made by the new technology for investment...

Avec Thierry Pairault

Présentation: Gwendoline Debethune et Miorintsoa Razafindrakoto

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